Improve customer service levels and reduce costs by outsourcing your business critical telephone support to us

  • 24/7 Live inbound call handling

    Specialists in inbound call handling, the officeXchange call centre operates 24/7 live call handling solutions for companies large and small.

    With up to 100 live operator positions and a 600-channel IVR system integrated with the call centre, all but the largest of campaigns can be seamlessly accommodated. All calls are handled onshore in the UK.

    • Phone Numbers
    • Order Entry
    • Media Response
    • Engineer Call Outs
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  • Increase ROI on media and advertising campaigns with prompt and professional enquiry response

    Whether you market directly or an agent seeking a solution for a client, officeXchange offers a suite of services to ensure every response to your advertising campaign is answered and dealt with promptly and professionally.

    • Enquiry response to advertising campaigns
    • PR / Media response
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  • Outsource your customer service, pre-sale enquiries & order taking

    A marriange of solutions that incorporates live agent call handling and IVR facilities with email response to web based requests.

    Our Contact Centre Interface utilises in-house software for bespoke call scripting together with client web applications for access to knowledge database and web based application forms. VPN integration is facilitated for secure access where required.

    • Customer Service
    • Mortgage & Loan Data Capturing
    • Claims Lines
    • Help Desk Service
    • Product Recall
    • Store Locations
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  • Let us take your bookings enquiries and schedule your appointments - leaving you and your staff free to work uninterrupted

    officeXchange is the perfect solution for booking and appointment-based businesses like hair salons, estate agencies, musicians, party rentals, music teachers, coaches, consultants, therapists, etc.

    Calls route directly to us (or on a certain number of rings). Your officeXchange PA answers and handles the call, and schedules the booking in your shared diary feature on your online officeXchange workspace. So now you can continue to work without taking the pot off the boil!

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  • Support online ordering with 24hr order hotline numbers

    Offering online shopping facilities means that your shop doors are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    This is a service to manage those customers who prefer to call to order rather than to click. Many companies lack the resources to cater for this - potentially losing major sales.This is especially true out of hours. Offering a ‘24hr order hotline’ adds excellent credibility and encourages purchases throughout the day.

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  • Outsource 24hr call out and helpdesk calls to a professionally trained team

    Requiring members of staff to be always ‘on call’ for out of hours support calls can place a burden on staff, families and company resources. The solution is to outsource call out, support and helpdesk calls to a professionally trained team, well versed and highly skilled in dealing with out of hours calls for doctors, lift engineers, maintenance companies, locksmiths, IT support and any situation that requires 24 hour response.

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Talk to us about an IVR and voicemail solution

The purchase, installation and maintenance of a sophisticated IVR System can place a heavy burden on budgets.

The cost effective and often self-funding solution is to outsource your IVR and voicemail requirements to officeXchange.

Used either as a stand-alone option or as part of an integrated voicemail and live call handling solution we have years of experience creating the right solution for handling calls, very cost effectively.

Scripts can be sent to us for professional recording or indeed we can receive your own recordings in .wav or .mp3 formats.

Our IVR platform has proved itself a valuable resource for companies using the facility for the following services as well as providing an initial menu for routing calls to live operators for a variety of campaigns:

  • Brochure Request Lines
  • Call Handling for Charities
  • Information Lines
  • Competition Lines
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How it works

We’ve been in the businesses of servicing other businesses for more than 25 years, so we understand what’s important to you. It may be hard to imagine how our telephonists and PAs could get to know and handle your business but we do!

We only recruit bright, articulate and self-motivated individuals who’s mission it is to impress your customers and clients.

Supported by leading technology, our operators receive ongoing training to ensure that they are equipped to handle calls at all levels, and, where required, are specifically trained in your business background or requirement.

We will meet with you, either on the phone or in person, to discuss how you can make the best use of our resources and services.

Our operators receive ongoing training to ensure that they are equipped to handle calls at all levels, and, where required, are specifically trained in your business background.

Ready to change the way you look after your calls?

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